Davin's Camp

Davin’s Camp operates out of the Chilcotin, and covers ground from Riske Creek to Tatla Lake. For the 2023 season, they have approximately 7.5 million seedlings to put in the ground. Davin’s camp will have three crews of 12 or more, and three 6 packs. Under his supervision there will also be a satellite operation of a couple crews working out of Horsefly, Miner, and Lillooet this season. His camp’s cooks are tried and true, serving a variety of delicious food made by a passionate and dedicated cooks who strive to provide taste and nutrition to everyone regardless of dietary needs.  

Davin Green

Owner of Torrent Silviculture

I have been involved in the silviculture industry for the past 31 years. I started my career as a rookie in the summer of grade 11 and have planted in all corners of the province. I moved on to foremaning in 1993 with Blue Collar silviculture where I ran large crews for many years. Following foremaning I stepped up to Supervising and continued to run big planting camps in the Cariboo. I started Torrent Silviculture in 2007.

Planting has been my life. It has given me the freedom to pursue all my other interests for the last 30 some years including skiing, school and enjoying a lot of time in the mountains of BC where I still get my enjoyment and happiness today.

I hold high expectations for myself as well as my employees and try to provide the best working environment possible in the industry.  I strive to be an industry leader in the field of silviculture with the goal of being able to pass on my career to future generations.

Kevin Morris

Camp and Quad Guy

Hi, my name is Kevin and I have been working with Davin since the beginning of Torrent off and on as the primary camp and quad guy. Wherever there is a problem or maintenance required that’s where I’ll be. I now work year round for Torrent between the planting program, maintenance guy and Torrent’s logging operations throughout the winter. Born and raised in Horsefly BC, I now live in Quesnel BC with my lovely wife. During my time off I enjoy spending quality time with my wife, fly fishing, sledding and motorbiking.

Amanda Eisan