Tree Planting

Since 2006, we at Torrent Silviculture have planted roughly 75,000,000 seedlings. We take pride in our quality and safety standards. Torrent Silviculture employs roughly 100 planters a year to fulfill contracts in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and BC’s interior, working with licensees and community forest alike.

Our planters come from across the country, and around the world to come and plant trees in BC’s interior. While conditions vary from mounded blocks to mountain sides, each microsite is carefully considered for each seedling stock.  After the microsite has been prepared, the planter uses their tree planting shovel to open the ground. The tree is then skillfully inserted so that the roots stay straight. The hole is then closed, and the planter is off to find their next microsite.

The planting season in the Cariboo runs from early April to early August and planters live in camps for the duration of the season.

Tree planters are expected to come prepared for the season with their own gear. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • sturdy footwear
  • planting bags & shovel
  • planting gloves
  • enough wool work socks for a couple of shifts
  • warm clothing
  • rain gear

A Simon Fraser University study of tree planters revealed that the physical exertion level, and work efficiency, of tree planters is among the highest ever recorded in human occupational performance studies. In fact, they measured tree planters with relative exertion levels 75 per cent of an Olympic marathoner.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Adaptable?

Torrent strives to hire all levels of experience and ages. Nothing speaks to character like a good attitude. Our crews are made up of all experience levels. This allows for our experienced workers to share tips, to help with understanding dangerous situations, and to help share the knowledge that you can only get in the field. Diversity allows for everyone to learn something new for each other, and prompts questions and learning.

While silviculture has been stereotypically a college/ university students’ job; providing high paying work during the summer months to pay for one’s education, silviculture has become a career for many of our employees. It provides stability, community and a changing work environment for those involved. Silviculture as an industry is one that is ever changing and adapting. It employs creative, hardworking individuals who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and work hard.

Torrent is a SAFE certified company, meeting and exceeding highest safety standards within the industry. With our generalized training, dedicated crew bosses and supervisors, and in-depth anti-harassment training, we pride ourselves in creating a safe space for all genders, sexual orientations, races and religions.

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“We believe that diversity is key to learning. New workers are integral for the industry and incorporating them into our company provides sustainability for future seasons.”