Slash Pile Burning

What is Pile Burning?

Slash is the leftover tree limbs, tops and other residue left by logging activities. Pile burning is when slash is piled together and burned during safe conditions, typically during the winter, after it has been left to dry. The Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation establishes strict rules on what can be burned in land-clearing fires, where they can be located, the atmospheric venting conditions that must be present, and how long the burning can last. A day in the life of burning work looks like a full truck being driven to the block by the foreman, and depending on access an ATV or Snowmobile will be used to access the block further. Often times workers will walk between piles with driptorches, setting them a blaze.  

Work With Us

Torrent Silviculture strives to ensure all regulation and safety precautions are followed diligently. Torrent works with licensees to burn throughout the interior and Cariboo-Chilcotin. Torrent offers winter work doing slash pile burning from October – December, weather permitting. We typically run a few crews of 5 and offer a few spots per season for planters who are interested in continuing work beyond the planting season. Most of this work takes place in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region. 2022 saw lots of work in the Quesnel and Likely surrounding areas. Torrent Silviculture strives to ensure all regulation and safety precautions are followed diligently and works directly with licensees to burn throughout the interior and Cariboo-Chilcotin. 

Interested in Working with Us?

Torrent strives to hire all levels of experience and ages for its planting operations. New workers are integral for the industry, and by incorporating them into our company it provides an element of sustainability for future seasons. We believe there are many advantages to having a diverse range of experience throughout our crews. Our more experienced workers are able to share knowledge that you can only get in the field with less experienced workers, ultimately helping to create a more safe and ready workforce. By promoting diversity within our crews, we hope to create an environment which prompts curiosity and open dialogue, where everyone can learn something new from each other.

While silviculture has had a reputation of being a college or university students' summer job which helps pay for their education, it has become a career for many of our employees. Due to its high paying work it can provide stability, community, and an ever-changing work environment for those involved. Torrent also offers post-planting work such as fire work, medic work, brushing, and slash pile burning. Silviculture as an industry is constantly changing, but one thing that is constant is its draw to creative, hardworking individuals who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Torrent is a SAFE certified company, meeting and exceeding highest safety standards within the industry. Through our training, dedicated crew bosses and supervisors, and in-depth anti-harassment training, we pride ourselves in creating a safe space for all genders, sexual orientations, races and religions.

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